Big Brick Diorama Garage Kit in Scale 1:43

61.00 лв. 51.00 лв.


Big Brick Diorama Garage Kit, with 2 walls and equipment, open doors
Ready cut and glued diorama parts
Brand New, Printed, and cut walls Easy to assemble!
Very good quality garage diorama kit. Well designed for your hobby.
You can assemble and add additional elements! 
Windows and doors are plastic
 The doors and windows are opened.
All door and window frames are glued.
Dimension of the walls: together walls have size 280 x 180 x 110 mm.  Wall thickness 5 mm
The Kit included: 2 x walls with windows and doors, parking base, ( see pictures) (  one standard door, 2x standard window, 1 x double Garage doors, 2 x top windows ( open) 1 x Car Lift,  2 x barrel
( The car has not included …just to shows the size) ( to attach walls you will need glue or Masking tape!… you might use pins as well) 
If you use glue get C 200 All parts a removable! Be careful when dealing with it! …Some fine details might break!
This diorama has designed in Kindertoys design studio. 
 You can assemble this diorama. For this purpose, you will need C200 glue.
Acrylic paint will work on walls. Use acrylic paint if you need to touch and customize. 


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